Scout Aerospace LLC

New Era, New Frontier, New Ideas

New Era, New Frontier, New Ideas

Scout Aerospace LLC is a new company dedicated to trailblazing the final frontier.


Scout Aerospace seeks to become the number one manufacturer of orbital asset and transfer systems. We create technologies and devices to transform the infrastructure of space.


Orbital hotels, Lagrange point shipyards, lunar manufactories, asteroid mines, and more. Without reliable, efficient transportation and logistic chains, such outposts will not be possible. To this end Scout Aerospace is working to develop and commercialize the OTVs and Aldrin Cyclers needed to build these chains.

Orbital transfer vehicles (OTVs) are small, short to medium range vessels capable of servicing existing orbital assets with repairs and refueling. A satellite serviced by an OTV may be, repaired, refueled or repositioned to extend its mission, saving the owner of the satellite a fortune in recapitalization costs. OTVs can also be used to haul cargo from LEO to either Geostationary, Lunar, or Lagrangian orbits.

Named after Buzz Aldrin its conceptual designer, the Aldrin Cycler is a type of spacecraft  that uses a special kind of free return orbit to make multiple passes between two planetary bodies with minimal amounts of fuel. OTVs laden with cargo may rendezvous with the cycler for transport between these two planetary bodies. This kind of transportation has the potential to open new doors of commerce and infrastructure between Earth and future outposts on other worlds.

To facilitate this goal Scout Aerospace LLC is pursuing development of a semi-autonomous OTVs for active debris removal and satellite servicing of critically overpopulated orbits in the 71° to 98° and 800 km to 850 km region. The European Space Agency has identified these orbits as high collision risks. If these orbits remain unattended the debris they release will have detrimental effects on space operations for the next 50 years and onward. The company will create value by reducing the risk exposed to satellite operators from costly avoidance maneuvers and catastrophic impacts. Scout Aerospace is seeking willing partners and staff to capitalize their program and expand their capabilities.

Scout’s location in Atlanta, Georgia affords it close proximity one of the best aerospace engineering schools in the U.S.A., Georgia Institute of Technology. Aerospace products are Georgia #1 export and Georgia ranks as some of the top States for aerospace manufacturing. Georgia is home to Delta Air Lines, Gulfstream, Viasat, Spaceworks Enterprises, and other aerospace leaders. Today Georgia host three Air Force installations, Moody Air Base AFB, Robins AFB, and Dobbin ARB. Camden County on the coast of Georgia is in the process of establishing a public-private commercial spaceport for vertical launches. All these entities offer a rich field to grow Scout Aerospace.