Advisory Board Positions Open

Scout Aerospace is opening invitations for seats on our advisory board. We are looking for motivated and established individuals with a desire to lend their knowledge to a budding startup. In particular, we are seeking those with experience and connections in the following fields:

Legal and Compliance
Satellite Insurance
Human Resources
FAA/USAF Liaisons
Satellite Manufacturing
Orbital Maneuvering
Space Public Policy

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An advisory board is one way that a startup, such as Scout Aerospace, may draw on the wisdom and support of an experienced corp of members. Unlike a board of directors, an advisory board has no power in guiding the actions of the company. Nor do they bear liability or fiduciary duties to the company. This makes the advisory board a place where its members can network with other advisors and learn new ideas and concepts without formal responsibilities. Advisors may use the experience as training before going on to serve on a board of directors in an official capacity.

Becoming an advisor carries with it a few important duties. Advisors are commonly expected to attend a summit at least once a year. At this summit, the advisory board will review the operations and plans of the company and draft a report detailing their recommended course of action for the year to come. One member of the advisory council will be asked to serve as the chair to coordinate and preside over these meetings. Advisors may also be asked to provide their individual consultation to the corporate leadership periodically throughout the year. Once selected advisors will be asked to submit a professional photo and short biography for posting on this website. To start, terms on the advisory board will be limited to one year.

If you are interested in applying for Scout Aerospace’s board of advisors please contact Steven Mellard at

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