GSGC Affiliate Meeting: Supporting our partners

CEO Steven Mellard (left) meets with Dr. Steven Ruffin (center) and Lori Skillings (right) of the Georgia Space Grant Consortium

Scout Aerospace CEO Steven Mellard attends the Georgia Space Grant Consortium Affilate meeting this day at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Many of the GSGC affiliates and partners gathered together to report how each has contributed to NASA’s educational outreach goals. As a startup company, Scout Aerospace is providing Summer internships for aerospace students as a way to introduce them to the emerging space economy. Other contributing members include:

The Hines Family Foundation

Morehouse College

University of Georgia

Kennesaw State University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta Metro College


…and many more.

We are proud to be counted among such excellent company.

Scout Aerospace LLC is pursuing development of a semi-autonomous miniaturized orbital transfer vehicle for active debris removal of critically overpopulated orbits in the 71° to 98° and 800 km to 850 km region. The European Space Agency has identified these orbits as high collision risks. If these orbits remain unattended the debris they release will have detrimental effects on space operations for the next 50 years and onward. The company will create value by reducing the risk exposed to satellite operators from costly avoidance maneuvers and catastrophic impacts. Scout Aerospace is seeking willing partners and advisors to support their program and expand their capabilities.

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