If you want to go far, go together: Scout Aerospace enters partnership talks with UGA Laboratory

BoA Lab Group
Members of the Small Satellite Research Lab at the University of Georgia Athens pose for a group photo. (photo courtesy of the SSRL)

On the 22nd of May Dr. Deepak Mishra and Dr. David Cotten met with Scout Aerospace CEO Steven Mellard on the University of Georgia campus in Athens to discuss future STTR partnership plans.

Mishra and Cotten operate a CubeSat fabrication lab run by the students of UGA. The lab is scheduled to launch their SPectral Ocean Color (SPOC) satellite through NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative later this year. The students learn the details of spacecraft design and manufacture while building payloads for Earth observation and oceanic sciences.

Scout Aerospace LLC is a small, innovative business startup in spacecraft manufacturing. Headquartered in Atlanta, it is one of the few companies in the State of Georgia pursuing advanced spacecraft manufacturing and design. Scout Aerospace is currently designing an orbital transfer vehicle for active space debris removal and satellite servicing.

The Small Business Technology Transfer program (STTR) is a three-phase research and development program with over $1 Billion in funding from the federal government. The program is intended to foster cooperation between small for-profit businesses and non-profit research institutions. The institution and the business are to work together to create and commercialize advanced technologies for the American economy.

To learn more about STTR click here

To learn more about the SSRL at UGA click here



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