Kennesaw State students complete Intern Training program, Scout Aerospace awarded education grant from GSGC

Summer Interns.jpg
Left to Right: Omar Salazar Lima, Cindy Vo, Sydney Cranrall, Kathryn Bharadwaj

On Aug 2nd 2019, four engineering students from the Kennesaw State University complete the first ever Scout Aerospace Intern Training program. This 12-week course provided basic instruction on such topics as orbital mechanics, space weather and environment, design for engineering, human factors in manufacturing, and innovation. The course finished with a design report from each student detailing important decision factors for satellite subsystems. The internship program also provide an introduction to the AGI Satellite Tool Kit and Level I STK certification from AGI. These students have a new understanding of the professional aerospace working environment and spacecraft industry.

Scout Aerospace LLC has also received a $10,000 educational grant from the Georgia Space Grant Consortium. This grant will allow Scout Aerospace to sponsor Georgia Tech engineering students for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Capstone Program and Summer Co-ops from across the Metro Area. The GSGC is a network of universities, government agencies and industry partners dedicated to educating and advancing astronautics and aeronautics in Georgia. The Capstone Program is a 16-week senior design course for undergraduate engineering students at Georgia Tech.

About the GSGC

Capstone Design Program

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