Mission Statement:

“We are an entrepreneurial company that designs, develops, and creates innovative, marketable cislunar and interplanetary spacecraft technologies tailored to our customer’s values.”

Core Values:

Build, Prudently – We are committed to the best stewardship of our resources and to the peerless quality of our work.  We believe in the philosophy that spending more money does not automatically mean a better product. The whole lesson of the CubeSat revolution is that limitations make us better engineers and merchants. We have taken it to heart.

Adapt, Creatively – The space economy is hurdling into a maelstrom of change. As one of our core values we seek change and ways that we can turn it to our advantage. New frontiers mean new approaches.

Lead, Boldly – We do not sit idly and expect success to be handed to us. We will strive, we will take the initiative, and we will set the example. Leadership requires vision and the ability to inspire and influence others to follow us in that vision. A scout is someone that strides out ahead of others and finds the safe path through danger. That is our namesake.

Share, Generously – We are a company of people. Our goal is to create value for our customers and to enrich the lives of the people with which we interact.  We seek the fair and just compensation of our employees based on the value of their contributions to our customers. We are active members in our communities and look for ways to educate and empower them.

Scout Aerospace is an equal opportunity employer. Except where prohibited by ITAR/EAR regulations, we will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, gender spectrum, physical handicap, or national origin.

Explore, Wondrously – We do what we do because we find joy in it. As a species, humankind still has a long way to go before we are truly a space-faring people. With this company we are doing our small part to build the technology and infrastructure need to explore the worlds of our system. One day humans will stand on other worlds and marvel. This is our motivation.


Scout Aerospace LLC