The Cis-lunar Infrastructure Starts Here

With the 21st Century comes new opportunities in space. Advances in manufacturing, miniaturization, and sustainability have spurred on a new generation of companies providing a wide range of products and services. These emerging markets are expected to be valued on the order of ten’s of billions, if not hundreds of billions, of dollars. These markets include orbital manufacturing and servicing, transportation of material and personnel to and from Luna and the Lagrange Points, communications and surveying, space resources, and much more.  Successful realization of this future requires a new understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Scout Aerospace LLC was recently awarded $10,000 in NASA funding through the Georgia Space Grant Consortium for supporting Georgia Institute of Technology Capstone Programs and Summer internships. Scout uses the undervalued space technology resources of Atlanta Ga through its focus on community and networking to produce orbital asset and spacecraft technologies. Among the technologies under investigation are modular green fuel propulsion systems and low-mass radiation hardened structures for small satellites. Scout Aerospace has also submitted an STTR proposal to APRA-E in conjunction with Georgia Tech for wireless power beaming to mobile platforms called FOCµS.

The company is growing and in need of capital to support the hiring of engineers and business support staff. This staff would allow us to begin prototyping current projects and draft funding proposals for new technologies. Scout Aerospace is an LLC registered in the State of Georgia.

Scout Aerospace LLC Executive Summary Oct 2019

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