Steven C. Mellard


Founder, CEO

Steven Mellard founded Scout Aerospace LLC as a vehicle to create innovations for off-world transport and manufacturing technologies. As a youth he was highly active in the Civil Air Patrol where he earned the Carl A. Spaatz Award, the highest such cadet honor for leadership skills and aerospace education in the organization. He studied physics and mechanical engineering at the University of West Georgia and the Georgia Institute of Technology respectively. He worked for two years as a material and process engineer at Delta Global Staffing before returning to Georgia Tech to pursue a doctorate in radiological engineering.

Nicholas Davis


Founder, COO

Nick brings to Scout Aerospace LLC a passion for aviation and space technology. It is his mission to help build a world-renowned name in aerospace. An FAA licensed aircraft maintenance technician, Nick has 10 years of commercial aviation maintenance experience. With a career mostly focused in avionics, he has attended over 1500 hours of training courses for various aircraft. Nick is currently pursuing a degree in physics, with a concentration in astronomy, at Georgia State University.