Scout Aerospace Interns Summer 2019



Cindy Vo


Cindy Vo from is a junior at Kennesaw State University where she is majoring in industrial and systems engineering with an aerospace minor. She is the current president of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at KSU. Her hobbies include photography, hanging out with friends, and taking naps. She is a proud and effective advocate for the aerospace industry and American Cancer Society.

Omar Salazar Lima


Omar is a current mechatronics engineering student at Kennesaw State University. He was born in Oaxaca, Mexico, and later moved to Atlanta, Georgia from Texas. As an Engineer, he has been involved in projects such as the development and implementation of a robust control system for a boost converter, control system for a levitation system, and the application of a monowave for a DC-AC converter. He is an active member of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) team at KSU where he oversees the electrical systems. Omar is an active member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). During his free time he learns about new technologies related to his major, such as the implementation and application of computer vision and machine learning on mechatronics systems. He likes to keep a balance between work and personal health  with cyclying and  physical fitness.

Kathryn Bharadwaj


From the very beginning Kathryn Bharadwaj has had a passion and drive
for robotics and innovation. She has been a part of collaborative engineering teams to create robots to complete competitive tasks. She desires to be a part of the new generation of technology that helps humanity grow and thrive. Kathryn is currently studying for a mechatronics engineering degree at Kennesaw State University.

Sydney Crandall


Sydney Crandall is a student at Kennesaw State University where she studies mechanical engineering with double minors in aerospace engineering and mathematics. Having long held interest in the aerospace industry, particularly involving the issue of space debris, she is excited to team up with Scout Aerospace. Currently, Sydney is involved in KSU’s student chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), as well as the Aerial Robotics Competition Team.